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Tax Planning Service

You are entitled to arrange your affairs to pay the absolute legal minimum amount of tax.

Here at Hartley Fowler, we are proud to provide a proactive and robust tax planning service.

The personal tax planning advice we offer is a legal way to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimise your tax liability. Tax planning is not the same as tax avoidance or evasion.

The Benefits of Tax Planning and Preparation

Completion of tax returns and statutory tax obligations are important jobs that all accountants should be capable of completing. It is also standard procedure to advise of your tax position and liabilities. However, we do more than this: we are interested in maximising your tax planning opportunities.

Our tax advice and planning service involves organising your income and financial affairs to benefit from exemptions, rebates, or deductions.

We all have to pay our taxes but within the legal framework there are numerous ways of saving tax and making sure you do not pay a penny more than is absolutely necessary. We have extensive experience in taxation law and always fight as hard as we can for our clients.

Our Tax Advice and Planning Services

We can help with a range of tax planning matters, including:

  • Personal income tax planning
  • Business tax planning
  • Tax efficient employee remuneration strategies
  • VAT planning
  • Inheritance Tax strategies
  • Capital Gains
  • Profit extraction strategies
  • Exit strategies
  • Employment status
  • IR35 advice

Why Choose us for Personal Tax Planning Services?

Apart from extensive experience in the tax planning arena, we have invested heavily in reference materials and specialist software.

We also have access to the tax legislation, tax cases, internal manuals of HMRC, and detailed commentary on all taxes, direct and indirect. This allows us to research any tax topic and provide tax advice and planning to help you legally save tax.

All of our tax planning and preparation makes legitimate use of the tax legislation and case law so that you are not put at additional risk from a full HMRC Enquiry, or where there are risks, these are pointed out to you.

New clients are often surprised at how much can be done to help with their tax position. We are always willing to go that extra mile to offer personal tax planning advice on the areas where money can be saved.

For maximum benefit, it is important that personal income tax planning work is done in advance and we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

Next Step: Contact the Experts in Tax Advice and Planning

If you have any questions about our tax planning service or need further advice, please call us today. Alternatively, book in for a free consultation with a member of our expert tax planning team.