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P11D Expenses and Benefits Forms

Here at Hartley Fowler, we offer a range of tax services to ensure compliance, including assistance with P11D forms.

P11D is a form that is used to report benefits provided to employees or directors. Each tax year, employers are required to declare whether any non-salary benefits have been provided to their employees and submit this to HMRC.

What are P11D Benefits?

To ensure P11D compliance, certain items or services which employees receive from their company – other than their salary – need to be recorded on the P11D form. Private healthcare, interest-free loans (e.g. to pay for train season tickets) and company cars should be included on the P11D employee benefits form.

The annual P11D benefits form must be reported to HMRC. This is because, when receiving a ‘benefit in kind’, there may be Class 1A National Insurance Contributions (NICs) to be paid.

It is important to note that the NICs due will be paid by the company, rather than the individual employee. However, not all benefits are taxable while some may be tax-exempt or have a reduced tax liability.

P11D Compliance Services

As part of our P11D compliance service, we can support you with the following matters:

  • P46 (Car) form – if you start or stop providing a car to an employee for private use
  • P11D expenses and benefits form
  • Dispensations
  • Calculating Class 1A National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

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Please contact us if you need further advice or have any questions about our P11D compliance services. Alternatively, please click to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced tax accountants.