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Statutory Audit

The annual statutory audit is often seen by management as being a necessary cost with little or no benefit to the organisation other than statutory compliance.

At Hartley Fowler we have taken great strides to try to dispel that notion. With our audit services we are continually looking for a way to add value’ to the business. Our qualified audit team approaches each audit differently with a view to causing as little disruption as possible during the whole audit process. Depending on the size of the organisation we would take time to review and document your internal control system, identify any potential weaknesses and offer our recommendations, if necessary, in a management letter at the end of the audit.

We pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our audit work and our files and systems are reviewed regularly by external monitoring agencies to maintain our high standards. We are registered auditors; each audit is carried out in accordance with clarified International Auditing Standards (UK and Ireland).

We recognise that well organised businesses require prompt reporting to management and shareholders. Once a deadline has been agreed with management we will ensure that this timescale is met. We have, in the past, been set some extremely tight reporting deadlines by Foreign Holding Companies of our UK subsidiary clients and we are pleased to report that we have always delivered on time.

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