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Annual Accounts Preparation

Year-end accounts preparation refers to the process of compiling financial statements at the end of the financial year. Annual accounts filing provides a summary of a company’s financial performance and position over the space of one year.

For the following organisations and business structures, annual accounts preparation is a requirement:

  • Public Limited Companies (PLC)
  • Private Limited Companies (Ltd)
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Sole trader
  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Charity or another non-profit organisation

Our Annual Accounts Filing Services

Often considered to be an annual headache, here at Hartley Fowler we ensure that year-end accounts preparation is as painless as possible. Our expert team will either carry out their work on-site or they will take your accounting records away and leave you in peace until the end of the process. When you engage our annual accounts preparation services, you’ll be free to choose.

It is vital that annual accounts preparation is accurate, especially if you have made the decision not to prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts during the course of the year. When annual accounts are prepared and delivered in good time after the year’s end, you will be able to use them as a management tool. This document will typically form the basis of lending decisions from banks or other financial institutions. It is imperative that you employ the right professional partners to assist you with year-end accounts preparation.

Experts in year-end accounts preparation

Our experienced team can assist with:

  • Preparing accounts to help in the completion of self-assessment tax return
  • Producing financial statements for the directors and members of a company or LLP
  • Where appropriate, preparing filleted accounts to file at Companies House; we aim to minimise the amount of your financial information that is made public
  • Preparing your accounts to agreed timescales and deadlines.

Benefits beyond annual accounts preparation

As well as preparing and filing your annual accounts, we take the time to explain them to you. When you fully understand your business’ finances, you can plan more effectively for the future.

Our annual accounts preparation services also:

  • Highlight opportunities where we can help you minimise your tax liability
  • Identify areas of your business where you could make improvements
  • Help you measure your success and identify what actions you need to take in order to hit your business goals

Next Step:

Looking for help with year-end accounts preparation? Please get in touch with our friendly team for advice or questions about our annual accounts filing services. Alternatively, book your free consultation today.