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Expert Guide: How to Prepare Statutory Accounts

Who can prepare statutory accounts All limited companies in the UK are required to prepare annual accounts – also known as statutory accounts – at the end of their financial year. In our expert guide, ‘How to file annual accounts’, we will provide essential information about statutory accounts, including: 1. What are annual accounts? Statutory…Read More

The importance of due diligence when buying a business

What is commercial due diligence and what does it involve? Here at Hartley Fowler, we offer a comprehensive range of assurance services, including commercial due diligence for customers who are pursuing a business merger or acquisition. Are you considering expanding your business or company? Or maybe you’re keen to diversify or invest into another sector?…Read More

How to minimise corporation tax

Guide: how to save on corporation tax As trusted chartered accountants, our clients often ask us how to minimise corporation tax in a legal and legitimate way. In this guide, we will provide an overview, including how and when corporation tax is paid. We will then discuss how to save on corporation tax with a…Read More

How to minimise Capital Gains Tax

How to reduce Capital Gains Tax liability on property investments As a firm of trusted accountants, Hartley Fowler LLP is proud to offer a comprehensive range of accounting services to both business and private clients. We’re often asked to provide support with the most tax-efficient solutions including how to minimise Capital Gains Tax liabilities. This…Read More

Recruitment challenges: 2022 and beyond

The changing landscape of recruitment, post pandemic and Brexit We are proud to be sponsoring Brighton Chamber’s forthcoming event, The Big Debate on Wednesday 16th November – further details can be found below.  The Big Debate series centres around a topical issue. This time, the theme of the event is: ‘Where have all the people…Read More

Why use cloud accounting software?

What are the benefits of cloud accounting? Many of our clients, who don’t already use it, are unaware of the many advantages of cloud-based accounting. In fact, we are often asked ‘why use cloud accounting and how is it different to what we already have?’  In the past, it was necessary for organisations to hold…Read More

Why is forensic accounting a growing field?

A guide to forensic accounting Legal cases that involve financial crimes can be lengthy. It is important that all strands of evidence are presented accurately in these cases. A lot of solicitors enlist the help of a forensic accountant to help gather the relevant evidence for court.  In this guide, our experts will discuss everything…Read More

The importance of good inheritance tax planning advice

Our experts can provide you with advice on inheritance tax planning  While it’s not always possible to predict what lies ahead, the redistribution and taxation of your wealth is an inevitability. With this in mind, smart inheritance tax planning is important and it makes sense to consider it sooner, rather than later. In this article,…Read More

What are the UK tax implications of becoming Non-UK resident?

The idea of packing it all in and emigrating to far-off lands is, for some, more than just an idea. In fact, it is estimated that every year over 300,000 individuals leave Great Britain to start a new life overseas. Estimates suggest that up to 4.7 million British nationals now live abroad. But what happens when…Read More

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Auditing

Audit and Accounts Semi Senior Douglas Huth shares his views on remote auditing advantages and disadvantages during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant new and exciting challenges for the field of company auditing. With the vast majority of British companies affected by local or national lockdowns, isolating staff and supply chain…Read More

Making Change work for us

This blog by Partner Dan Chapman was first published on the Brighton Chamber website as part of Hartley Fowler’s sponsorship of the Big Debate events. Hybrid working, remote working, flexible working… we have all had to adapt our ways of working during the pandemic to keep our teams protected during lockdowns. Fast forward to 18…Read More

Changes to National Insurance and Dividend Tax – what do they mean for SME’s?

Earlier this month, the government announced increases in National Insurance contributions and dividend tax to fund wide-ranging reforms to social care and the NHS. Here, we look at what exactly these changes mean for the UK SME’s. Changes to National Insurance Contributions The Government have announced a 1.25% increase on National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for…Read More

Do You Let Out an Overseas Property?

Make sure you are fulfilling your UK tax obligations. In 2014, HMRC has signed up to an international agreement to share details of financial accounts with over 100 countries and we have seen HMRC increasingly using their new powers.  Combined with ever more sophisticated data analysis software, HMRC are certainly flexing their muscles. When we…Read More